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The Stage 3 Community Term GP placements are designed so that students can obtain an immersive experience in a general practice/community primary care setting for as long as possible.  Opportunities to experience continuity of care expand the longer you are at the placement and these are invaluable learning experiences.  Many practices will offer the chance to follow-up with patients after the conclusion of the placement for interested students.

Students must spread their clinical days across the entire placement and students who leave    the placement early without seeking permission from their Community Term academic site AND/OR complete a leave form will be deemed to have taken unapproved leave. Sydney Medical School policy on unapproved leave will then apply and be enforced. See the Community Canvas site.
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We hope that you will find your placements to be an enjoyable learning experience, but also of significant value as you complete your medical program and begin work in the health care system.

Best wishes from,
Specialty of General Practice, Community Term Team