⁠2021 Oct-Dec Elective Term ballot two

We have allocated you to either the first or second half of the Term based on how you were allocated in the first ballot.

Minimum number of preferences = 1
Maximum number of preferences = 5

1 preference
You only want to complete an Elective at X department at Y clinical school. We would not recommend this unless you are confident that your preference is not popular among your cohort.
2 - 3 preferences
This is our recommendation to maximise your opportunity to be allocated to a preferred department. This assumes you have some flexibility in your department/clinical school preferences.
4 - 5 preferences
If you are very flexible in your preferences, you can choose up to 5. 

While there are currently more departments than students, we are unable to guarantee you will be allocated a placement within your preferences as it depends on how you and your fellow students preference. It will come down to the luck of the (automated) draw for more popular departments. You are not required to accept the placement offered but there will be no third ballot.

If you submit preferences and wish to withdraw from the ballot before it closes, just delete your preferences. 

The ballot will close at 1pm on Monday 11 October 2021. Offers will be made shortly afterwards.

Ballot changes
- Endocrinology at Northern added (first half)
- Anaesthetics at Central added (second half)
- Anaesthetics at Westmead removed (second half)