If you are completing a health-related degree at the University, a core part of your course will include placement at a health facility. To ensure your safety and that of other students,
staff and patients, 
you will need to complete certain checks and clearances before you can commence your placement.  

You will need to upload the required documents via Sonia. You will be notified if further information or corrections are required for each document. Please check your university email account regularly and action requests from Student Verification.  

Emailed documents will NOT be accepted, all documents must be uploaded to Sonia

If you have questions related to your individual circumstances please contact us:

Phone: +61 2 9114 4273 

Email:[email protected] 

Visit us in person: Level 6 Counter, Susan Wakil Health Building 

- Tuesday - 8am to 10am  

- Wednesday - 12pm to 2pm