As a guide, Clinical Placement Services (CPS) aims to allocate students to their clinical placements approximately six weeks before the placement commences. 

Please contact CPS if:

  • there is a clash of dates with your allocated placement blocks;
  • there is a discrepancy in your placement information (e.g. email from CPS and SONIA details differ);
  • you have course work commitments (e.g. lecture, tutorial, exam), for another unit of study in your Nursing or Nursing/combined degree, during your scheduled placement


Conflict of Interest

Please assess your clinical placement for any potential conflict of interest. There is a potential conflict of interest if your allocated site (at the facility level) is one:

  • where you have been a patient;
  • where you have worked in paid employment, been on work experience or as a volunteer;
  • where your spouse or partner works;
  • where a close family member works;
  • where you, your partner/spouse or a close family member has a Director's role or financial interest.

If a placement presents a potential conflict of interest, please complete the Conflict of Interest Form located on Sonia under the ‘Forms tab.  CPS will refer this information to the Director of Pre-registration Programs for assessment and advice. If a conflict of interest exists, CPS will contact you and arrange another placement.

Request for Variation to Clinical Placement (prior to an absence)
If you have substantial extenuating circumstances that mean you would like to request a change to the date or location of your clinical placement, please submit a Request for Variation to Clinical Placement form (with supporting documentation) which is located on Sonia under the ‘Forms’ tab. . An application will need to be submitted for each semester where variations are requested. Where your application has been approved we will attempt to accommodate your needs but cannot guarantee this will be possible. You will need to complete and provide to Clinical Placement Services a Request for Variation to Clinical Placement form at least six weeks before the start of the placement block or by the census date for that semester, whichever is earlier. Be aware that holidays are not a valid reason for a variation of clinical placement.

Absence from placement (following an absence)
If you miss any time from your clinical placement (even 1 hour) you must submit a Special Consideration application to explain the absence. The result for the unit of study will remain RI (result incomplete) until the Special Consideration application is received and assessed. Special Consideration applications are assessed by the University's Student Administration Services and they will reply to you directly. When you have accumulated absences of more than 2 days (16hrs) across placements, a further 40hrs of clinical placement (supplementary placement) will be scheduled

Supplementary clinical placements

The purpose of a supplementary clinical placement is not to just make up time. These placements are either outside the normal placement pattern, or the continuation of an earlier placement/s from which time was missed and, therefore, a full assessment was not possible. Students are always assessed when on supplementary clinical placements and the unit of study result is not finalised until the results from supplementary placements are submitted.


Fitness for Practice Certificate

If you have been asked to provide a Fitness for Practice Certificate prior to your next placement (as flagged on your SONIA), email CPS ( requesting an appointment with the Director of Pre-registration Programs, Dr Tonia Crawford.  You need to present this certificate in person to Dr Crawford.


Verification  Information
The majority of clinical placements we offer are with NSW Health sites. Placements which are not within NSW Health still require you to be verified with NSW Health. Meeting NSW Health verification requirements is a time consuming process and your attendance at one of the bulk verification days is essential. You should be verified before the end of your first week of semester classes.  Please make sure to keep you verification up-to-date.  You can find information under the "Checks" tab on SONIA.  Further information on verification can be found here.

NURS3008 and NURS6022 - make sure your supervising RN or the community nurse has completed and signed the Overall Student Assessment page in your Workbook and that you have countersigned. Always keep a copy of the Overall Student Assessment page from each of your Workbooks.

Clinical Placement Services

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