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If you encounter any difficulties accessing/logging into SONIA please contact ICT Help Desk on 02 9351 2000

Please note that the following Mandatory Checks must be completed before you can attend a placement:
Students should have these checks completed at least 6 weeks prior to the relevant placement block.



CPR Certificate

1.        Upload your certificate to Sonia

2.        Email: shs.essplacements@sydney.edu.au once is certificate uploaded to Sonia (needs to be manually checked by WIL)

Criminal Record Check (CRC)

Send by email  to: student.verification@sydney.edu.au


Send by email  to: student.verification@sydney.edu.au 

For All students (ESS and EP):
1. Please ensure that you have uploaded a current CPR certificate onto  Sonia
2. Please ensure that you have completed the online Student Declaration Form and clicked Submit.

EP (UG & GEM) students:
1.  Are you currently verified by NSW health for the duration of your placement?
2. Check your verification status under the 'Checks' tab and don't forget to double check your Criminal Record Check (CRC) expiry date.

More information about verification can be found at: https://sydney.edu.au/students/clinical-placement-checks-and-clearances.html


Important Privacy Information for students: 

The Work Integrated Learning team is sometimes asked to provide additional basic information about you to the placement organisation. We usually only provide your name and your student identification number to placement organisations. The purpose of providing additional information is so that if needed, the placement organisation can contact you for important pre placement communication. You may still be required to present any original compliance documents to the site on the first day of placement. 

The additional information WIL may be asked to provide about you to placement organisations is:

  •  university email address
  •  mobile phone number
  •  date of birth
  •  if you have a current National Police Certificate (National Criminal Record Check)
  •  information about your vaccination status
  •  Working with Children Check number or similar information for other states/territories

 Some placement organisations may also ask you for your home address. We will not release this information. Unless it is necessary for them to undertake a National Criminal Record Check on you as part of their organisation’s policy, you are not obliged to provide your home address to them. If a ‘home’ address is needed for any other purpose for the placement, you may use the street address of the Faculty, which is: 75 East Street, Lidcombe NSW 2141.


We’ve received a number of queries from education providers about their students getting access to modules on PPE and infection control. HETI has made the following modules publicly available:



While these modules are not mandatory, they provide a good refresher and a bit more detailed information about what precautions need to be taken in a hospital environment during COVID-19. Students are able to complete the module and print off a certificate.

18/2/21: Update:

I am pleased to inform you that Allied Health and Allied Health Assistant students are now able to complete the new ‘Introduction to the eMR for Allied Health Students’ module in My Health Learning.  The module is not mandatory, but students are strongly encouraged to complete it if they will be using the eMR system whilst on placement.  The flyer which can be found in documents provides more information about the new module.  The usual My Health Learning access rules will apply – students will only be able to complete the module when they receive access to My Health Learning which is 13 days before their next placement in NSW Health.

The module will not be visible on a student’s home page of My Health Learning so they will need to search for it in the catalogue.  We are working on a ClinConnect update so that you will be able to see whether a student has completed the module.  This will be delivered shortly. 



Preparing for your placement: NSW Health requirements

Ensure you have completed mandatory training modules accessed through ‘My Health Learning’ – further information is located here: https://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/CCPU/mandatory.html  Students will be emailed a Staff Link ID number 13/14-days prior to their first placement, with instructions about how to  log on and complete dedicated eLearning patient safety modules. For further information for USYD students contact the Student Verification Unit  student.verification@sydney.edu.au    

If students have issues with logging into My Health Learning contact HETI at:


The State Wide Help desk on 1300 28 55 33


Review the information located on this website:

– NSW Health has advised that the 2020 version of the flu vax will be available from mid-April 2020 – make sure you ask the administering health professional “Is this the 2020 Australian influenza vaccination” – DO NOT accept the 2019 version as that vaccination contained different strains of the influenza virus.

Return evidence of the administration of this year’s flu vax, preferably recorded on your vaccination card, to the CPU along with your student ID number and your file will be updated to note that you have had the 2020 flu vax slhd-cpu@health.nsw.gov.au

Once updated in your file, this will negate the need to take evidence continually on day 1 of each subsequent placement. This can be administered at the USYD Medical Centre https://sydney.edu.au/campus-life/health-wellbeing-success/health-services.html

Proof of the current year’s flu vax having been administered must be provided annually.

It takes about two weeks for the flu vaccination to become effective, so the sooner it is administered the better. Influenza season is considered to occur between 1 June to 30 September.

In 2021, you obtain the influenza vaccination for that year and so the process is repeated.

Pictures of ‘receipts’ for the flu vax or photographs of flu vax vials do not constitute evidence of the flu vax actually having been administered. Evidence of Flu vax administered at mass vaccination clinics in public hospitals also needs to be provided to the CPU as those who administer the vaccination will not update this in ClinConnect files as those clinicians will not have access to do so.




Further information regarding vaccinations and provided by NSW Health is located here https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation/Pages/oasv-FAQ.aspx

One of the most common questions asked:

Do I still need to have the Southern Hemisphere influenza vaccine if I have already received this year’s Northern Hemisphere vaccine?

Yes. If you are attending a placement or working in a category A high risk position between 1 June and 30 September you will need to have received the current Southern Hemisphere influenza vaccine. Strains in the influenza vaccine are updated each year therefore the Southern Hemisphere vaccine will be more current. Additionally the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has advised that immunity from the influenza vaccine can start to reduce after a few months.